Scene 01: Rooftop Shootout

Scene 1: ‘b\w Rooftop shoot-out’ production info
Location: Multi story car park; Newport

Nick MurrayEddie KeatonJake Cop

This was to have been a nice leisurely morning shoot, with another scene scheduled for the afternoon, however, due to extremely adverse weather conditions (namely it was bloody freezing) the shoot dragged on for several days. It was so cold that none of the actors could grip their guns, no one could hold the cameras, and everyone was generally reluctant to take their hands out of their pockets. Also as a result of the weather, numerous crew members were brought in, and duly opted out again. Marijan von Staufer, Sam Evans and Leigh Thomas all helped out on this one, but just the once each.

Jimmy and Jake keep Sanchez coveredSanchez threatens Jimmy's daughter... big mistake.Jimmy plummets to his death.

The part where Jimmy falls to his death proved to be one of the most eventful moments of the shoot. We always thought that it was going to be a bit dodgy, but we weren’t prepared for what happened. After spending weeks trying to get a shop mannequin, without success, we decided to make our own by simply stuffing Nicks clothes with newspapers (more effective than you might think). After filming the last of the shots that we required (this is on Sunday of course) we then set up the cameras in a two camera set up, while Darren Jamieson (playing Jake Cop) held the make believe ‘Jimmy’ over the side of the building. After some general moving around to pretend that ‘Jimmy’ was slipping out of his grasp, the mannequin was dropped some 150ft to it’s eventual slamming onto the road below (we did check for oncoming cars before hand).

This would have worked well, and without a problem, if it weren’t for a young couple who came running out of their house believing someone really had fallen to their death. Suffice to say that they weren’t happy at all, in fact we though that they might call the police so we legged it quick, taking our mangled ‘Jimmy’ with us.

The famous L.A. skyline, NewportA stand off... why don't they just shoot him?Jimmy gets serious; he's probably cold

Originally, Sanchez was to have been bare chested in this opening scene on top of the car park. However, after about half an hour attempting to film the scene this way, Edward realised that a freezing January morning was not the kind of conditions that he wished to continue in. Sanchez then acquired several layers of clothing from a near by charity shop.

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