Scene 02: Tibet

Scene 2: ‘Tibet’ production info
Location: Rhiwderin woods; Newport

Jake checks his piece Jake turns away from authority Captain Jack Harris tells Jake of his time in 'Nam

This was one of the last scenes to be filmed because of the problem casting the role of the police captain. An earlier attempt to film the scene with the University campus manager ‘Graham Cox’ as the captain and student ‘Paul Burke’ as the guide turned to farce as Graham was so bad, even worse than the eventual captain, Mike Goddard. The scene was shot in just a day, with the only real problem being co-director Nick Murray and actor Leigh Thomas making bonfires, and finding plants that looked like dicks, then sticking them in the shots.

Mike Goddard as the captain chain smokes his way through Tibet Photographic proof that Sanchez is back in L.A. Jake listens to no rules when there are scores to be settled

The only other trouble with this shoot was that upon leaving, Ed Keaton managed to ground the college van in the narrow country lanes, and was very lucky to be able to free it. Graham Cox (who lent us the van) would not have been happy, especially after we sacked him from the role of the police captain in the first place.

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