Scene 05: Sanchez Jacuzzi

Scene 5: ‘Sanchez’ Jacuzzi’ production info
Location: Newport Leisure centre

After the events of the previous few days, namely the scene where Ed went in the icy cold river, this proved to be a real joy to film. It was warm, simple, and had a girl in a bikini, what more could you want? The establishing shot of the outside of Sanchez’ mansion was filmed on a different day at Tradegar house, by Duffryn in Newport. The interior shots were all filmed in the Jacuzzi’ at the Newport Leisure centre.

The evil Sanchez leers at Rachel, one of the few moments when he's not swearing Rachel uses his superior intellect to threaten Sanchez without him realising it Kelly just sits there

Kelly nips off for a shower, dubbed by someone else Sanchez' stunning mansion Sanchez drinks the last of the wine, whilst making his own bubbles

One of the most remarkable aspects of this scene is the fact that it was completely re-dubbed afterwards, due to the sound of the Jacuzzi’ making the dialogue unusable. The scene itself was filmed in just 4 hours, with attendants from the leisure centre occasionally coming in and asking ‘oh, I didn’t realise you’d actually be filming in the Jacuzzi’?’
Where the hell did they think we’d be filming?

These distractions didn’t disturb the otherwise smooth running of this scene, the appallingly foul mouthed dialogue was another matter.

Sanchez is angry that his phone is just a pretend one Rachel looks so relaxed he's almost asleep Kelly's getting out, cushions at the ready

Then of course there were Marijan’s attempts to recite his Shakespearean dialogue, and getting it totally mixed up, then breaking into fits of swearing. Funny but time consuming. Lydia was particularly wooden as Kelly, but you can see why we cast her. Because of her less than riveting performance her lines were kept to an absolute minimum, one actually, and that was dubbed by someone else. If only Keanu Reeves’ scripts were written in such a way.

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