Scene 06: Jake Returns to his Apartment

Scene 6: ‘Jake returns to his apartment’ production info
Location: EXT: Behind the ABC cinema; Newport
INT: Ed Keaton’s house; Newport

This was supposed to be a simple minute long scene showing Jake returning to an apartment that he hadn’t seen in over ten years, but because we cut in every shot that we filmed, the scene stretched to over 4 minutes, making it far too long. Jake just wonders aimlessly round the room before finding the pre-taken photo of Jimmy and Jake fishing, now this was a comedy master touch!

Jake enters his apartment He swiftly finds an open bottle that has been there for ten years The long fire escape that is so obviously going to see a chase shortly

In order to break the scene up slightly we came up with the idea of having music coming from the flat upstairs, then as another joke we had the phone upstairs ring, and then get answered by Allan Niblo (the film lecturer at Newport Film School who really didn’t want us to make this film, yet now uses it as an example to other students on what can be achieved on the course).

Ed did his finest ‘Jibby Nibs’ impression, then ran the dialogue through the sound mixer to distort it sufficiently. What our Allan actually says is:

“Och, hello Justin, how ya doing? Can I come round, kiss yer ass? Och, porridge, braveheart.” Slightly juvenile perhaps, but it sure was funny at the time.

(‘Justin’ refers to ex Newport student Justin Kerrigan with whom Allan made the film ‘Human Traffic’).

Jake puts his bottle down, I wasn't really going to drink out of it, it had been the garden for days! Looking pensive at a photo of Jimmy Jake & Jimmy on one of many fishing trips

Obviously this scene went on a tad too long, but what the hell, it’s a dodgy action/ comedy with the emphasis on the dodgy. If we’d had a bigger budget we could have had some Tony Scott back- lighting to add to the cheese factor, but we didn’t, so we had to make do with some Daz Jamieson ham.

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