Scene 07: Coffee Shop Flashback

Scene 7: ‘Coffee shop flashback’ production info
Location: The Coffee Shop; Newport

Jake and Jimmy emerge from their breakfast at the coffee shop Jake explains that the arrest of Sanchez will go without a hitch Some old ladies in the background spoil the tension

This scene was possibly the easiest to film, taking less than two hours and running almost without a hitch. I say almost, but we do have several takes of the initial shot that were spoiled due to vehicles coming up the road behind the actors and ruining the sound. Indeed, this scene would have been a real joy to film, with the coffee that we had to drink for it, if it weren’t for the fact that we had to dash back to college for a pointless Allan Niblo lecture, then shoot some more on the top of the car park (Freezing!). Amazingly Nick didn’t have too much trouble with his lines, although he did have to stick a cheat sheet onto Daz’ jacket for the over the shoulder shot.

Jake nods his violent intent towards Sanchez Sanchez won't be a problem, insists Jake Jimmy isn't so sure about that

Jake and Jimmy discuss the days events in a front tracking shot, filmed by Ed Keaton who had no one guiding him yet incredibly managed to avoiding hitting anyone behind him (much to our annoyance as the out-takes would have benefited from it). With a camera in one hand, a microphone in the other, one eye on the monitor, one on the camera and one on the bollards behind him, Ed showed film makers everywhere exactly what they can do with their large crews.

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