Scene 09: Interrogation

Scene 9: ‘Interrogation’ production info
Location: University of Wales College Newport

Jake insists that colleague Rick Koyannisqatsi sits down and shuts up (so to speak) Jake loads his gun... again The softly softly approach from the boy Gany

This entire eight and a half minute scene was filmed in one very long day, save for the shots of Steven Gane running through the police station to the captains office, and Mike Goddard’s priceless delivery of the line: “What the… oh shit… Jake.” Filming didn’t start until after 12 midday, so the rest of the scene was a little rushed. As with most of the scenes in ‘Cop’, this was filmed with a two-camera set up, mostly mid and close. Daz insisted on numerous takes for his ‘I’m gonna ask you a question…’ line so that he could get his delivery as close to Clint Eastwood as possible, it didn’t really work.

Mike Goddard in his office, startled to hear gunfire coming from the interrogation room Jake spins his gun in overly self indulgent manner Gany's softly softly approach has gone right out the window

This is the only scene in the film where there exists footage that was left out. Originally, Mike Goddard playing the captain, could be seen filling up his coffee cup with a dash of whisky from his hip flask. We could say that it was left out because the comic element it brought would have shattered the tension created by Jake’s interrogation, but that’s bollocks, we simply forgot to cut it in. Maybe one day this glorious cinematic moment will be restored, but unlikely.

We needed someone for the role of our tough cop, later christened ‘Rick Koyaanisqatsi’, and it was some time before we realised who would be the perfect choice. Steven ‘Juliana Clary’ Gane was obviously the man for the job. In fact we couldn’t have asked for a better man to play the role of the ridiculously foul mouthed cop, seeing as Daz was already in the scene that is. This scene was part written by Marijan, who included many of his own Shakespeare quotes because he had already learnt them for plays he had performed in the past. Cheating sod.

Mike asks Gany why there is a dead suspect staining the carpet 'Tis nowt but a flesh wound... well... maybe a little more then This is the last time Rachel, my piece is fully loaded

The end of the scene features a virtuoso scene stealing performance from the wooden man himself, old Goddard boy. Mikey came in and improvised a particularly foul mouthed tirade against Steven, saying that he shouldn’t have let Jake shoot the suspect. I suppose he did have a point. The detailed lighting of this scene comprised of one lamp, moved around a lot. Hey, we’re cheap, but it did create the tension. The scene was edited in just a day, and immediately became the bench mark for the scenes to come, pure genius.

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