Scene 10: Driving

Scene 10: ‘Driving at night’ production info
Location: George Street Bridge; Newport

Every cheesy action movie requires a suitably cheesy driving at night reflective scene from it’s hero before he faces the bad guys in one last battle. And boy was this cheesy. With Steven Gane (of ‘Little Willy & the Fat Cats fame) providing a superb blues score, you could just feel Jake’s heartache at the prospect of catching Sanchez without his trusted partner Jimmy to back him up. A la’ Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’ when he asks his dead navigator, Goose, to talk to him, Jake seeks solace in another cheesy flashback.

Eddie Keaton standing in the down pour as Leigh drives past several times That's actually Leigh Thomas, would you have known any different Shot from our tracking camera car, it's amazing we didn't crash

With ‘all purpose utility actor’ Leigh Thomas doubling as Jake, driving Film student Paul Burke’s car, Ed Keaton driving Leigh’s car, and Daz hanging out the window filming Leigh, we made several trips over George Street Bridge in Newport at around 1:00am. The close up shots of Daz driving utilised the old classic tried and tested ‘Star Wars’ technique of rocking the car while Leigh flashed his headlights to make it look as though we were moving. Truly genius stuff. The over the shoulder shots of Leigh driving were interesting as he complained that he couldn’t see where he was going whilst wearing Jake’s shades. Typical.

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