Scene 11: Stakeout Flashback

Scene 11: ‘Stakeout flashback’ production info
Location: Daz’ driveway; Rhiwderin

Can you spot the doughnut bag sitting on the dash? A little 'in' gag there Jake gives Jimmy some much needed encouragement Jimmy asks Jake for his advise, on about the 23rd take

This scene was shot in one night using a three camera set up, and would have taken very little time at all if weren’t for two things.

  1. Nick couldn’t remember his lines at all, having just been given the script moments earlier it was hardly surprising, but he was particularly bad.
  2. Eddie kept pulling his trousers down and showing his arse.

This, I’m sure you can imagine, was enough to put anyone off, least of all Nick, who needed no encouragement to start laughing at the best of times. Apart from this the scene worked quite well indeed, with Jake and Jimmy’s performances complimenting each other perfectly.

Jimmy dries away his tears, and tries not to laugh at Jake's pure ham Jimmy seems better now, unless that's wind Jake's ham was so intense that he required a close up

Daz did, however, have to tone down his ‘ham’ as Jake Cop because it kept making Nick laugh. Anything makes that boy laugh. The scene was shot in about two hours, with a good 40 minutes on the opening lines thanks to Nick’s laughter and Ed’s arse. A standard 3 camera set up, 2 side shots and one front two-shot, then front singles, mid and close, on each character. Very nice, very simple.

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