Scene 14: Graveside Flashback

Scene 14: ‘Graveside Flashback’ production info
Location: St Woolos cemetary; Newport

If we’re talking cliche’d action movies, we’re talking cliche’d action movie scenes, we’re talking graveside flashbacks. Steven Seagal, in his navy whites at the grave of his dead brother… Nick Cage, full military uniform, intense expression… Sly Stallone, with his shades, lots of voice over… and of course Jean Claude Van Damme, who’s been to the cemetary more times than most gravediggers. This was Jake Cop, haming it up to perfection with a suitably cheesy score from maestro Steven Gane on the keys.

Little Kelly played by Sam Anzani A slow emotive tracking shot before cutting into the cheesy dialogue We looked long and hard to find a grave that matched the name of our character

This was the first scene to be shot on January 4th 1997, before Ed returned from Manchester. As with so many scenes from this film, it was absolutely freezing. Poor little Sam Anzani (playing Kelly) had to wait in the car with the engine running while the shots were set up, then she was dragged out shivering just to stand there while Darren Jamieson spouted some particularly banal dialogue.

Jake lays down his badge, sorry, shield on the grave of his beloved partner Jake tells little Kelly that he'll allways be there for her Jake talks to the grave as if he were in Top Gun, pure cheese with a side order of ham

The weather actually got so bad that it started snowing, this may look good, but it sure didn’t feel too good. Apart from the general discomfort, this scene went fairly smoothly, so much so that we still expected to keep to our schedule of 9 days to shoot and 5 days to edit the whole thing! Little did we know.

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