Marijan von Staufer

Marijan von StauferMarijan Hubert von Staufer added that much needed touch of class to the film when he accepted the role of classical English hitman Rachel. (Actually, accepted isn’t quite the the right term for it, we merely followed him around with the cameras until he started hitting, then filmed it.)

Coming somewhere between a younger James Bond and Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck from the A-Team, Rachel proved a perfect foil for the rough and un-subtle Jake Cop.

Marijan is some what of a martial artist and choreographed the two fight scenes that he has with Jake Cop. He seemed to really enjoy working out new and inventive ways in which to inflict pain on his co-star.

Maybe it had something to do with us dragging him all the way down from Monmouth to shoot a fight on a rooftop for a low budget action movie, and then not even paying him.

Here we see Rachel (Marijan) before and after the massive chase sequence between him and Jake, this after Rachel’s failed attempt at killing Jake Cop by strangling him with his gold chains… very professional.


The chase lasted a long, long time covering 3 days of shooting and several different weather conditions, but hey, it’s action shite, what do you expect.

Rachel Rachel

Of course you realise that Marijan’s not actually posing in these shots, we merely caught him unawares. If he had have been posing then you could expect to have seen his cane, or staff, and maybe a sword.