Mike Goddard

Mike Goddard is Captain Jack Harris

Mike GodardMike Goddard plays L.A. police captain Jack Harris, the embittered and twisted
‘Nam vet. Mikey boy was no fewer than sixth choice for this role, as no one wanted to play it. Film Lecturer Clive Myer said he’d do it as a last resort, but he really would have been a last resort.

Mike in his office, acting his little heart out.

John Wayne was a wooden actor, Keanu Reeves is a very wooden actor, Mike Goddard is pure Oak… sanded down then varnished.

The phrase ‘Can’t act his way out of a paper bag’ is not sufficent for Mike, he is indestinguishable from the bag as both he and the paper bag are cast from the same tree, the wooden tree.

Mike perfected his own brand of ‘non-acting’ for the role of Jack Harris, a role which he stumbled into after several others turned it down. Mike quickly made the role his own with a display of sheer woodeness not seen since Keanu Reeves in ‘Devil’s Advocat’. Indeed Mike’s performance was so wooden we had to treat him for dry rot several times.

“There’s only one James Bond… George Lazenby”. Only Mike Goddard could say something like that, his idol being the worst James Bond in living memory, and I’m including David Niven in that too.

Cpt Jack HarrisMike’s opening shot, can you spot him amoungst all
those trees?

Mike and LeighMike and co-star Leigh Thomas in Tibet, Bassaleg then, same