Nick Murray

Nick Murray is James ‘Jimmy’ Johnson

Nick Murray brings the character of Jimmy to life, if that is the correct phrase for someone who is killed off in the first scene! His death doesn’t keep him down though, as he appears constantly via the classic medium of the flashback.

Here we see Nick and Daz as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader continuing the epic struggle between good and evil outside Newport’s premiere shopping centre. This was yet another spoof that didn’t really have a script, but great costumes and lots of effort.

Nick started his acting career appearing in many spoofs along side Darren Jamieson and Steven Gane. His role as ‘Robin the boy wonder’ opposite Gany’s ‘Batman’ remains his one true defining moment in the world of cinema, apart from being ‘Jimmy’ in ‘Cop on the Edge’ of course. Indeed he even appeared on channel 4’s Takeover TV as Robin during the summer of ’97, together with Steven Gane’s ‘Batman’ they joined forces to combat the evil powers of Darren Jamieson’s the ‘Joker’. Truly great stuff I assure you.

Here we see Nick and Gany as the dynamic duo, foiling one of the Riddler’s foul schemes… these two should have their own TV series.

This scene was filmed in Newport train station, before they ruined it in aid of the Ryder Cup and made it look like a giant tin shed.

Nick as James Bond. sporting a dodgy set of sideburns and an even dodgier Scottish/Irish Sean Connery accent, we see Nick here tied to the railway line in Rhiwderin.

Nick was ‘doubled’ in this film by an action man dressed in ‘Ken’s’ tux, and adorned with the same cardboard sideburns as he slid down a death slide.

Dressed up in a truly great Alien costume, the spoof may have been crap, but the costume gets an A for effort.

This spoof was filmed in abandoned building (which now forms the art centre in Newport) and features liberal use of smoke bombs. The ‘punchline’ to the spoof was a rather dire throwaway gag because we didn’t really know how to end it – probably shouldn’t have started it to be honest.

Much the same story with Robocop here, what it lacked in script, which was everything, it made up for in visual distastefulness. The costume took ages to make, and was designed specifically to Nick’s small frame. Sadly, Nick refused to walk into Asda while wearing this costume for one scene.