Steven Gane

Gany is an arab terrorist attempting to defeat Rambo, but without much luck.

Gany plays the Dark Knight with Nick Murray as his Boy Wonder. Together they foil both the Joker and the Riddler.

Here Gany plays Juliana Clary, intrepid archeologist, and generally camp dude.

Steven Gane was an obvious choice for the role of tough cop Rick Koyaanisqatsi because of his experience working on many earlier spoofs. This meant that he was used to acting out scripts that were written very hastily, if at all.

Juliana Clary full version

Juliana Clary

A video of the boy Gany at his peak, as Juliana Clary, intrepidly camp archaeologist. Here Juliana must foil some dastardly attempt on his life by his rough and ready colleague.

Steven is also a very talented musician, and scored most of the film for us, he would have scored all of it, only he couldn’t be arsed. His band ‘Little Willy & The Fat Cats’ gave us a couple of tracks to use, probably because it meant Gany had less work to do.

You can order your own Steven Gane Collection mug today. These limited edition mugs would make the ideal gift for any Steven Gane fan, and at only £5.99 even Gany himself might fork out for one. Actually, we know he wouldn’t because we sent him one as a gift and he received an ‘attempted delivery’ card from the postman but couldn’t even be arsed going to collect it.