Scene 03: Helicopter Arrival in LA

Scene 3: ‘Helicopter arrival in L.A.’ production info
Location: Police Heliport; Cardiff Bay

This is what we were all looking forward to as we weren’t sure if they’d actually allow us to go up in the helicopter or not. As it turned out they didn’t, but it was still good fun.

Some initial jokes by Edward Keaton about cops doing nothing but eat doughnuts all day suitably annoyed the police enough for them to make us wait outside for the helicopter to be scrambled. We caught on that they were gagging with us and went inside, but not until we’d waited in the freezing cold for at least half an hour.

After what seemed like hours of waiting the police came running down the stairs to scramble the helicopter, as a report of a stolen car came in from Llanrumney (you can always rely on the dodgy areas of Cardiff for some crime when you need it).

The helicopter conveniently lands the reverse way round to it's original position, thankfully you don't really notice There's Jake inside the chopper, well, he might be There you see, he was in there after all... yah like!

The footage of the helicopter landing after it’s call was intercut with some earlier filmed shots of Daz arsing around inside the helicopter, thus making for a stunning arrival of Jake Cop to L.A.

Police officer Phil Braicegirdle helped us out here, he’s not a pilot, just a cop, but for the sake of our shots he pretended he knew what he was doing. For a police officer, Phil sure did swear a lot, you’d bet your life on him being an American cop by his use of the language.

Jake heads off for some serious butt kicking, after a coffee and doughnut Some serious ham from Jake as he passes frame Phil Braicegirdle, helicopter pilot and walking dictionary of foul language

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