Scene 04: Huggy Bear

Scene 4: ‘Huggy Bear’ production info
Location: Newport town centre

This was one of the most eagerly awaited scenes because of the extremely funny dialogue, and we always new that this would be one the best scenes so we wanted to cast it just right. The chemistry that already existed between student housemates Sam Evans and Paul Burgess transferred beautifully to the roles of Huggy Bear and Leroy. Unfortunately, due to our being banned from using the college equipment at this time, we had to record the dialogue with just a clip mic.

This of course led to the inevitable re-dub in the studio as you can’t record dialogue on a busy side street with a clip mic, thank you course leader Andrea Williams. Amazingly Sam was even worse at getting his lines right in the studio than he was on the street, I guess his own piss poor performance was putting him off.

Sam Evans as 'Huggy Bear' Jake dislikes Huggy's tone towards his dead partner Paulie Burgess as Leroy has to clean up his racket now that Jake Cop's back in town

Due to a distinct lack of cast Eddie Keaton had to play the role of a street dealer himself. This was due to the fact that a certain ‘Brock Lagan’ failed to turn up. Brock may well regret this action as a short while later he was ‘Brocked’. Both he and Allan Madden were attacked by some of Newport’s more downbeat inhabitants and were well and truly ‘Brocked’, a verb named after the man himself meaning to have the proverbial shite kicked out of you, and to lose one or more teeth. As you can see Ed’s goatee beard has been shaved off, as these scenes were filmed after ‘Sanchez’ scenes were finished.

brock lagen

This is Brock Lagen, before he got 'Brocked'. As you can see his front teeth are in their rightful place in his mouth, whereas at this moment his front teeth are somewhere on the streets of Newport, if you can find them, maybe you can hire, Brock's teeth.

A pleasing shot of one of Leroy's bitches, played by Lowri Evans No, that's not Sanchez without a beard, it's a dodgey L.A. street punk with a strong Mancunian accent Huggy warns Jake that the evil Sanchez is after him

This scene was rescheduled several times because of the fore mentioned Brock Lagen dropping out, a problem finding hookers, and the occasional weather interruption. When it finally went under way we had a car crash next to us, can you credit it? It’s just like L.A. Naturally we filmed the car crash and cut it into the film, wouldn’t you? We had to wait several hours for Burgess to turn up from Stoke, as he had gone home for the week, when he did he was already dressed as a pimp. But carrying his wig rather than wearing it. I guess they’re all like that up in Stoke on Trent.

Leroy on his rounds to collect cash from his bitches A tasteful shot of L.A life Pure chance, a car wreck right next us, what luck.

This scene didn’t quite go as well as expected, probably because Sam and Paulie were much better in rehearsals than they were on the day. They just couldn’t recreate that magic ingredient while stood on the streets with loads of people watching… the wooses.

Nick Murray managed to find us some hookers, some pretty convincing ones too, it seems that these girls don’t mind dressing up as whores and walking the streets for our Nick. He’s like a real pimp isn’t he? Ed felt it important to mention just how much Sam bitched and moaned at having to get up at 9:00am on a Sunday morning. Sam is of course used to sleeping right through Sunday, and half the following week.

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