Edward Keaton

Eddie Keaton plays Sanchez, thankfully with his clothes on for the most part, though we can’t promise anything.

We must ask that you don’t save this photograph of Eddie naked onto your hard drive, he is a film director and producer, so naturally this photo could come back and haunt him in later life. Please, don’t download it, I mean it, seriously… unless you want to.

Here is Eddie after a night out, sporting some chips as an attractive hat.

sanchezEddie seemed to like playing Sanchez, he thinks he’s Alan Rickman from Die Hard. The accent is slightly different, but other than that they’re almost indistinguishable.

eddie dealerDue to a distinct lack of cast, Ed had to double up a shady street dealer and act opposite Sam ‘Huggy Bear’ Evans. naturally with his broad mancunian accent, he was easy to spot as Sanchez.

eddie rooftopHere we see Eddie’s fascination with taking his clothes off as he attempts to perform a scene bare chested, however, the ice cold January morning persuaded him to change his mind, even at the expense of putting his shirt back on.