Sam Evans

Sam EvansSam ‘Cockney wide-boy’ Evans is Huggy Bear

Cheeky cherub Sam plays the lovable pimp Huggy Bear, the dude who knows the word on the street.

Sam only had one scene with a handful of lines, yet somehow managed to take an eternity to get his lines right. Sam’s constant laughter and general inability to keep a straight face resulted in many great out-takes for the end credit sequence, it just wasn’t too funny at the time.

Sam has a degree in Documentary Photography after completing his course in ’99 at the university of Wales college, Newport.

Sam and Darren as Huggy and JakeHuggy spills the dirt

Sam acting with Darren Jamieson as he gives him the ‘word’ on bad guy Sanchez, and what Sanchez has done with Jimmy’s daughter, Kelly, whom Jake had sworn to protect. It may sound a load of garbage, but I assure you, it’s good stuff really …honest.

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