Cop on the Edge Dining Experience?

I was thinking today how best to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cop on the Edge (it’s only seven years away you know) and thought of the idea of a dining experience. Now, for those who have never heard of such a thing, a dining experience, or dinner show, is where you have a meal in a themed environment, with entertainment provided.

With a Cop on the Edge dining experience you could, for example, have Sanchez Conchita Gonzalez cook your food, Rachel take down your order and Jimmy get shot on his way to the kitchen. Things would then kick off into a feast of bad dialogue, woeful acting and plastic toy explosions.

This isn’t daft an idea as it sounds, honest, as there are many different existing dinner shows that you can attend today. For example, there’s Fawlty Towers the Dining Experience – where you can be served by the cast of Fawlty Towers (or at least actors pretending to be them). There’s also dinner shows such as Father Ted and, in Orlando (which is very popular for this type of entertainment) there are pirates shows, stunt shows and of course murder mystery shows.

Ok, so the demand for a Cop on the Edge dinner show might not be there quite yet, but as soon as word of Eddie Keaton’s cooking gets out you just watch those applications come flooding in.

On second thoughts, perhaps we’ll stick to uploading clips to YouTube – that seems to have gone well so far.

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